About Us

The Brampton Arts Coalition Committee (BACC) was formed by Brampton Community Arts Groups that have managed to evolve and sustain themselves in the creative sector of Brampton despite significant struggle since the 2015 disbanding of the long established, Brampton Arts Council.


The BACC consists of arts-industry professionals with specific appreciation for the need and use of an "Arts Council" service model, that is solidified and supported by municipal government yet administered by arts professionals with experience and working expertise from the Cultural Creative Economy.


We believe in celebrating the arts in our community.

Our Mission

To help outline and raise awareness as to WHAT it is that an ARTS COUNCIL is designed to do.

Our Vision

To lobby our new Mayor and Council members to ensure on-going awareness of the needs of the Brampton community arts sector. We wish to further ensure that support measures are put back into place as per the 2018 Cultural Master Plan mandates and specifically,  a New Arts Alliance (Arts Council) so that our arts community that has been adversely affected these last 3-4 years can be immediately supported.

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