Arts Coalition Committee Membership 

PCS Singers:
PCS Singers Brampton (Peel Choral Society) has a 48-year history with Brampton, with the first concert performed in 1971.  PCS Singers Brampton's is a non-auditioned volunteer community choir, enhancing the Arts and Culture of the City of Brampton.  We are a diverse and inclusive choir. As a non- auditioned choir, we welcome all levels of singers or “wanna” be singers to develop their vocal talent and perform the different genres of accessible choral music. PCS Singers Brampton is an active organization within the community as a result of a sustainable organization and financial structure. We are extremely fortunate to have a notable Artistic Director and Acclaimed Pianist, and our volunteer board members to continue the tradition of PCS Singers Brampton. 

Brampton Folk club

The Brampton Folk Club is a non profit community group dedicating to promoting folk music in the Brampton area. We have been around for 22 years and have over 50 members from all over the GTA. We hold monthly song circles, present two concert series, host open mics and participate in a variety of community events

The Rose Orchestra
The Rose Orchestra is Brampton's premier community orchestra dedicated to bringing a variety of musical styles to its audience through a classical orchestral setting. The Rose Orchestra boasts a membership of local musicians from all walks of life: teachers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and more, all of whom share a passion for entertaining community audiences.  Many of our members have been  a part of Brampton's music scene for the past 20-30 years. In addition to the adult orchestra, we mentor Brampton’s young musicians in the 45+ member “Rosebud” orchestra. The Rosebuds take the stage at three of our concerts at the Rose Theatre and sometimes play alongside the adults for some pieces.

Visual Arts Brampton

As a non-profit organization serving the community since 1986, Visual Arts Brampton strives to maintain a positive, supportive community that fosters and encourages creativity in artists of all ages and skill levels.
Visual Arts Brampton offers quality programming including unique weekly art classes for teens and children, workshops in a variety of media for adults and weekly drop-in open studio, life and portrait drawing sessions. Throughout the year, Visual Arts Brampton organizes and participates in numerous community events and exhibits at multiple locations across the city.

As part of Visual Arts Brampton’s mandate to foster and encourage artistic potential, members and local artists are encouraged to exhibit their work in Artway Gallery, Visual Arts Brampton’s primary gallery space, at no cost.

Music at the Towers

Music at the Towers : “Transforming Lives”… through the power of Music
Music at the Towers (MATT), a non-profit teaching stringed instruments to Brampton children aged 6 to 14, encourages every child to participate regardless of economic situation, race or culture through affordable fees for all. Now teaching 65 children, MATT began in 2011 with 6 children from Brampton Towers, where classes and private lessons are held. Besides musical training, the benefits of co-operation, character-building and self-confidence, enhanced focus, self-discipline, are equally important. MATT is seen as a valuable bridge between New-Canadian families and the more established population, and is now graduating children into the Rosebud Youth Orchestra, the Rose Orchestra of Brampton, and we hope, into a lifetime love of and participation in orchestral music.

Chinguacousy Concert Band
Simply put, the Chinguacousy Concert Band (CCB) is an official civic affiliate Concert Band of the City of Brampton. We were originally founded in 1872 by an entrepreneurial musician – Professor G.W.Davey – in Georgetown, but the organization, led by its members, eventually migrated to Chinguacousy Township where they were inaugurated as the township’s civic band, taking up residence in the local town hall, now known as the Brampton Civic Centre. In 1974, Brampton was created and amalgamated with, among others, Chinguacousy. (Despite being difficult to spell, we kept the name

Chinguacousy Swing Orchestra
The Chinguacousy Swing Orchestra (CSO) is an affiliate of the CCB, and modeled from the 1970’s “Stage Band ” concept. If you remember Maynard Ferguson’s group in this era, it was a time of roof-raising charts, big hair and tee-shirts. We’ve kept the music… but changed the hairstyle, and formed the SuperBand Concept that exists today.

Brampton Concert Band
The Brampton Concert Band is an amateur level ensemble founded in 1884. This makes it one of the oldest civic concert bands in Canada. The mission of the Brampton Concert Band is to provide a creative outlet through music where local musicians of all ages can express themselves and to strengthen the diversity of the local music and arts community. The BCB offers a challenging but supportive environment through a variety of performance opportunities.

Brampton Jazz Mechanics
This Brampton-based band was formed in 1979 and derived it's name from a group of mechanics who, in 1884 established a band in the town. Since then the group has explored the music of many of the great big bands including Ellington, Basie, Kenton, Herman, Thad Jones and Louise Bellson. Among the jazz personalities who have performed with the group are players such as Guido Basso, Pat LaBarbera and Haygood Hardy.2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Jazz Mechanics.

Brampton Music Theatre
'Brampton Music Theatre is a non-profit musical theatre arts organization serving the Brampton community/residents and their families for over 55 years. Formed in 1963, originally as Brampton Musical Society, BMT has been providing near professional quality productions using local artists as performers/actors/dancers and musicians for over 5 decades. We produce 2 adult (mainstage) and 2 youth productions annually. BMT also runs an arts education program on Saturdays which has 2 sessions (Fall/Spring) for youth aged 6-17 teaching the arts areas (Music, Dance, Drama). Our vision for the program is affordable arts education. All our members participate in the performance opportunities at merely a small membership fee. Children also participate in 10 hours of pro social activity at no cost to the child/families.

Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association
ORMTA is a professional music teachers’ organization.  Members have minimum qualifications; either graduating diploma from a recognized conservatory of music or university degree in music.  We provide our communities with quality music education for students, and professional development for music teachers. The BBC Branch was established in the 1980’s; currently, with 25 active members.  We host a variety of events; Benefit Concert for Wellspring Chinguacousy Cancer Centre, Piano Festival, Student Awards Concert, and workshops for music teachers. A wing of our organization, Brampton Chamber Music Concert Series (BCMCS), has been producing quality classical music concerts in Brampton since 2011.  Performers are young professional artists, seasoned professionals, and advanced music students, selected by audition.  BCMCS typically runs 4 or 5 concerts a year, with a donation-based attendance.

Beaux Arts Brampton
Beaux Arts is an artist run gallery that serves as a premier exhibition space for emerging to established visual & multi-media artists and photographers. The centre unites artist members and the creative audience in the spirit of fostering and celebrating the arts, together.Operating successfully since 2002, Beaux Arts was founded by the Brampton Arts Council & dedicated visual artists, with the support of the City of Brampton, Downtown Brampton BIA, Trillium, and many volunteers, members & private sponsors. It’s mission? To encourage and support emerging to established artists with works in all mediums and to raise the profile of visual arts and the creative community in Brampton. It’s Vision? To provide a platform and representation for artists to exhibit, facilitate and market their work. To welcome all visitors and lend support to community events and enhance cultural cohesion in our Brampton community



ACISA (Arts and Culture Initiative of South Asia)

ACISA is an non profit organization with a vision to promote cross cultural understanding with the aim to bringing a diverse community together in celebration of life, culture, art and tradition.  Our mission, to promote the diversity of South Asian art forms by showcasing local artistes and providing them with an opportunity to present their work to a wide range of audience (Non South Asians & South Asians), to break cultural barriers and encourage participation, allowing all communities from Brampton to experience the different forms of South Asian Arts and culture, to showcase South Asian heritage as it continues to evolve imbibing the cultural values of Canada and, to communicate key messages that share the philosophy of diversity with residents of Brampton.

Canadian Film and Talent Exchange

The Canadian Film Exchange (CFE) is an independent entertainment company based in the Greater Toronto Area serving Brampton . CFE was founded by Dwight Schiffner in 2005. His dream as a Talent Agent, Artist and Coach is to develop, produce, and promote a one-stop shop access to training and education for those interested in the field. By working with the corporate realm, CFE will provide a gateway to the Arts & Entertainment industry whereby creating a production complex focused on education, community and entrepreneurship