BACC Attends Workshop on New Arms Length Non Profit Model

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The BACC and many other arts enthusiast were part of a round table hosted by Pru Robey on July 23rd to begin to shape what will become the new Arts Council for Brampton. While we are officially referring to it as an "arms length non profit organization", this is a huge step in the development of that organization that will be reinstated (all going accordingly to plan) by the end of this fiscal. The workshop was led by Pru Robey , a well known arts consultant, hired by the City of Brampton for this specific task. Pru asked the various tables questions regarding the mission and vision of the role of the council and to specifically identify various duties of the organization. While this isn't something new or not asked before in the previous years of trying to get us to having a truly dedicated arts led advocacy group supporting the arts in Brampton, it certainly is one step closer to that end. The BACC is encouraged by the plan to stay on track in their timeline to deliver a model that is membership driven and led by end of 2019 in line with budget decisions.

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