BACC presents to Council

Task Force Leaders at city Council
Regan Hayward, David Harmsworth, Sharon Vandrish

The Brampton Arts Coalition presented their suggestions for an interim arts council led by arts leaders to city council on February 20th, citing the impact on the arts of the city not having an arts council for the last 4 years. More than 50% of the arts groups that used to exist in Brampton are no longer in operation and some that are still are around are struggling to stay afloat.

Recently committee elected chair and vice-chair Sharon Vandrish and David Harmsworth along with fellow committee task members Regan Hayward and Chuck Scott represented the 14 arts groups that make up the coalition asking to be officiated as a panel of leaders who are grass roots in the arts and some have been for decades in Brampton. "Groups need funding now" the group told city councilors, and not another year from now. The matter was referred back to city staff for consideration. The coalition looks forward to hearing back from the city in the near future. To see their presentation please click here and go to page 47.

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