Brampton Arts Groups Form Coalition

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Arts Groups in Brampton are banding together in an attempts to influence the steps of the Culture Master Plan at City Council.

After almost 4 years without an arts council and an election around the corner, long standing arts groups band together

As many of you may be aware, the City of Brampton's council voted to support the dissolving of an arts council that had been helping support the arts in Brampton for over 30 years. The mission of the now-defunct Brampton Arts Council (BAC) was to foster and promote the arts in Brampton. In June 2015, it closed its doors after 37 years of operations, because during a City of Brampton overhaul of its grants program in May 2015 left the BAC without adequate funding.

Many suffered

In 2015 the council supported over 50 groups. Today in 2018 less than 20 of those groups remain. Some groups, including recently the Peel Panto Players have had to close their operations. Decisions about appropriate arts funding was turned over to the grant program which is in need of an overhaul to properly reflect the needs of the arts community. Most of the remaining groups are those who have been around in excess of 20 or 30 years.

In April 2018, the leaders of all said groups began meeting to begin to discuss how to support each other where grant programs and not remaining arts voice remained at city council.

Their hope, to influence the election with a strong opinion on what they need of city council in terms of arts support. Shortly after their first few meetings the city voted unanimously to bring back an arms length non profit organization (essentially an arts council) to reinstate appropriate support for the arts.

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