We are working together

The BACC is pleased to announce that members of the city's economic development division met with our coalition at our latest meeting to discuss the upcoming presentation of the staff report being presented to city council on April 17th. We are excited to hear that a timeline similar to one proposed by the BACC task force is what was mirrored in a report headed by Kelly Stahl and her team.

Details of the report are available online here on page 117. The report involves the BACC working with the city and other key stakeholders along with a consultant towards the development of an arms length non profit arts council model that will work with the arts community in Brampton. A survey will be available on Monday April 15th for the arts community to participate in and to help the consultant prioritize the needs of the arts in our fair city.

The coalition remains positive about the direction city council is going in and hopeful for a united front in the future of arts in Brampton.

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